Loft Conversion Architecture

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Loft Conversion Architecture


Some Guidance On Converting Your Loft 

Loft Conversion Architecture

More and more people are coming to us as they want to convert their lofts – and why shouldn’t you, the loft space in your existing roof structure is a dark dingy part of the house, used to store the odd suitcase, the obligatory Christmas decorations and perhaps some boxes of unused items destined for Ebay!

As you have found your way to our webpage it can be concluded that in all probability you too are looking to carry out a loft conversion to your home and are now looking for some guidance and an idea of the likely Architect Fees for loft conversion architectural drawings.

Well the good new is you have come to the right place!

If you would like to jump straight and find out how much you can expect to pay for a set of loft conversion Architectural plans is going to be (probably rather less than you expected!) then go over to fees page by clicking button below.

Alternatively carry on reading for some useful guidance for anyone looking to carry out a loft conversion to their home…

Loft Conversions - What Are The Statutory Requirements?

What You Should Know Before You Start Planning Your Loft Conversion

Unless your home is relatively new, or subject to other restrictions you can in all probability carry out your loft conversion or dormer loft conversion without needing planning consent as long as the following is true:

1) Your home is a single dwelling and NOT a flat or maisonette

2) You are only looking to add a dormer to the rear of the property (skylights are allowed, as are hip to gable conversions or side dormers).

3) The total volume increase does not exceed 50m3 for semi detached houses or 40m3 for terraced houses. It should be noted that if you are end of terrace and there are more than 2 houses in the row, your property will be classified as Terraced and NOT Semi detached therefore your maximum roof volume increase will be 40m3 and nit 50m3.

This is due to the permitted development order which allows homeowners to carry out home improvements such as loft conversions or house extensions without needed full planning consent.

Even if you do not require a full planning application, you can apply for an optional lawful development certificate from your local authority. This is a legal document that states that planning permission was not required for your loft and is worth its weight in gold if/when you ever decide to sell your home.

There are other stipulations to the design in order to comply however we wont go into all of these here – if you are generally interested then a quick look on the governments planning portal will quench your thirst for knowledge.

So I don’t need planning? Can I just call a builder and go full steam ahead with my loft conversion?

We’re afraid to say the answer to that question is a resounding NO

You will still required Building Control approval for your loft conversion – this is applicable in Every Case and if your contractor or anyone else tries to tell you otherwise then say your goodbyes to them and run for the hills!

Building control or building regulations approval is obtained through two stages. The first of these stages is at the Application and Plans Check stage. Once your plans have been approved, the second stage of checks will run alongside the building works and assuming the Building Control Officer is happy with everything carried out on site your loft conversion will be approved and a completion certificate provided.

loft conversion architect plans
this loft conversion architect chose render to match existing house
anothe example of a loft conversion architect this time using tiles on the loft dormer

Loft Conversions - Structural Calculations

What Are Structural Calculations And Why Do I Need Them

As well as a set of detailed loft conversion plans which should feature a full builders work specification (ours most certainly do!) – You will also need a set of structural calculations.

What are these, we can hear you say…

Well, all loft conversions will require a new floor, (unfortunately your ceiling joists will not be strong enough to support a whole new floor) and this new floor will be supported off of steel beam which will be installed the full width of your property (sometimes 2 or more steels are required).

If your loft conversion includes a rear dormer conversion then you will also require a steel beam in the ridge (top of the roof).

How will I know what size these steel beams need to be?

Well, that is exactly why you need the structural calculations.

A qualified structural engineer will assess the loft conversion plans and calculate all of the loads being placed on the beams.

Once they have done this they will advise what size each of the steel beams need to be in order to maintain the safety and structural stability of your home whilst at the same time taking into account the available head height and any other issues in the roof space such as chimney breasts etc.

Loft Conversions - The Party Wall Etc. Act 1996

This Key Step Is Often Overlooked - An Oversight That Can Prove Very Costly!

If you live in a detached house, congratulations you have reached the end of this guide without falling asleep – for everybody else, please keep reading…

As we discussed in the previous section, in order to carry out a loft conversion 1 or more beams must be installed the full width of your property. Depending if you are semi detached or attached to a neighbour on both sides this will mean that the beam will be inserted into at least one wall that is jointly owned by your adjoining neighbour.

It is not only a matter of politeness that you should notify them of your intention to insert those steel(s) into a wall jointly owned by them but following the introduction of the 1996 Party Wall etc. Act it is now a legal requirement that you do so.

For more information on the Party Wall Act please visit our page dedicated to all things Party Wall related.

Want to do more with your loft than use it to store Christmas decorations and old stuff?

How about turning it into a Luxurious Master Bedroom. Or Perhaps A Home Workspace, Or Even A Cool Games Room For The Kids…


So many options, so much potential, it’s hard to know where to start, right?

Well, you can start right here by reaching out to Fixed Price Architecture Ltd.  We’re here to help you create the loft space you have been dreaming of.

Our specialist loft conversion team has already designed and managed in excess of 1500 home renovation projects such as yours.

loft conversion projects come in all shapes and sizes and through our two decades in the Industry we have probably seen them all. 

We provide loft conversion architectural plans  for projects across London, Essex, Kent, Sussex, Surrey And Most Of The South East – Check out our projects map below to see which projects we have worked on near you.

Lift The Value Of Your Home With A Loft Conversion

As loft conversion specialists, we can help get your project started and guide you through the process. 

Let us take the hassle out of getting your loft conversion project planned and designed. 

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Full Design Consultation At Your Home

Why anyone would choose to bypass this key step and go through the stress of sketching and measuring your own home is anyone's guess. For an investment as large as a Loft Conversion, surely it deserves a meeting at your home and a professional measured survey conducted. The first step is to discuss your loft conversion plans with one of our Architectural Technicians. We’ll make sure what you’ve got planned is achievable in your loft space.

All Council Permissions Dealt With

There are always a few planning and building control matters that need attending to and regulations to follow with a loft conversion. We’ve experience of these, so can make the process as smooth as possible.

Simple Easy To Understand Pricing

We have created loft conversion plans packages to suit ALL budgets. Simply choose which package best suits your needs, fill out the contact form and we will send you a written fixed price offer. Simply accept or decline the offer once received

Loft Conversion Architecture

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